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 Founder and President, Frazier Industries, Inc   

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Todd Frazier: biography summary

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  • Founder of Frazier Industries, Inc. that provides media and business services for clients across the country and creates original content on multiple platforms.​

  • Started his first business in 2016 and grossed over $100k in the first 6 months after losing his job during the 2008 economic downturn.

  • Early adopter of social media as a business branding platform.

  • Traveled the country for 86 days with his family of 5 in a motorhome through 43 states and Canada in the summer of 2018.

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  • Burn your plans and Do Things: Why your "plans" are keeping you from taking action

  • 5 steps to becoming an OVERNIGHT success

  • How understanding social media is the missing link to growing your brand online

  • Three pillars of RELATIONSHIPS: connection, communication, compassion

  • Your story is important, even if you don't think it is