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Todd Frazier
President + Founder

  • Licensed CPA

  • Business Development Strategist

  • Podcast + Digital Media Specialist

  • Author of "Burn Your Plans and DO THINGS"

  • Married for Over 20 Years

  • Father to 3 Teenage Children

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What Clients Are Saying:

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Tim McFarland, VP
Spruce Financial

Todd is lively, energetic, and on point. He has the ability to recognize the needs of his clients and deliver winning results.

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Dave Welch, CEO/Founder

Todd Frazier is the best advisor you could have.  His ethics and humor are on par...what more could you ask for?

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Roxanne Clausen, Manager
One Way Painting, Inc.

Todd has done wonders for our business! Working with him allows us to rest assured that we are in good hands. Thank you Todd!


After winning a full scholarship to play NCAA Division 1 College Football, Todd received a degree in Math Education with the intent to teach at his hometown high school. Those plans took a major turn during the last week of his student teaching and in 2004 he instead took a job working in Real Estate…which he had no knowledge of or experience in.

After 2 short years, Todd had received his California Real Estate Brokers license and was managing over $18m dollars in Real Estate Loans along with overseeing a board of directors that far exceeded him in both age and experience. In 2008, the Real Estate market took a major hit and his position was no longer needed.

Needing to figure something out fast, he inquired about a job in accounting…which he again knew NOTHING about. Taking a 50% pay-cut, working full time with a wife and 3 young children, he attended night school to get the required additional education to apply for the CPA exam. After 6 years of work, school, study and failing the exam 7 times, he finally received his license and in 2016, started his own CPA Consulting firm. Within 6 months, he exceeded $100,000 in income and continued to grow his business.

Throughout his more than 2 decades of experience in digital media, business development, and creating growth strategies, Todd has found that helping his clients strengthen and grow their businesses is what he is extremely passionate about. In late 2017 Todd was asked to speak to a group and share his insight and experiences. With little hesitation, Todd accepted the invitation and since that time has discovered a gift for communicating with large groups of individuals of all ages to inspire, equip, and advise exponentially more people than he had ever imagined. His unique ability to connect with people from stage combined with his extensive experience in multiple industries and contagious enthusiasm for life allows him to provide exceptional value to any audience in any setting.

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