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"What's in YOUR heart?"

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Available soon anywhere you listen to podcasts.

"From the Hart" is a show created and hosted by Ed Hart designed to share inspiring and uplifting stories from people that have had immense impact on many levels.  Each episode is produced in both audio and video for maximum exposure and distribution across most popular platforms including iTunes, Spotify, YouTube, iHeart Podcasts, LinkedIN, Facebook, and more.  Season 1 (currently in production) is comprised of 10 episodes with several high level individuals that share their story from the heart to inspire the listener to make an impact in their lives and around the world.

Season 1 confirmed guest list:

  • Ken Blanchard - One Minute Manager

  • Lynsi Snyder - In N Out

  • Greg Grunberg - Actor

  • Wing Lam - Wahoos Fish Tacos

  • Jim Ellis - former Dean at USC

Season 1 estimated reach:

5,000,000+ impressions · 250,000 - 500,000 views/downloads · age 40 - 60 business executive demographic


  • One exclusive title sponsor per season.

  • Sponsor referenced in introduction and credits of every episode.

  • 30 second live read in each episode.

  • Sponsor logo viewable on each full video episode or clip for a minimum 20% of video length.

  • Link to sponsor website in description of every episode or distributed clip and on the preferred partners page of our website.

  • One entire episode devoted to sponsor's story and available for sponsors use.

  • No additional sponsorships from title sponsors industry will be considered.

  • Maximum two 60 second live reads per episode.

  • Sponsor logo viewable during live read in each video distributed with read included. 

  • Link to sponsor website in description of sponsored episode.

  • Logo and link to sponsor included on the preferred partners page of our website for duration of sponsorship contract.

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Produced by:

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Get to know our studio:

est. 2019

Over 250,000 views - 80+ videos & podcasts - 108k unique viewers

Tutorials - Travel - Interviews - Current Events - Faith - Lifestyle

Current shows

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