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Creator Partners

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Connect your audience to premium brands that enhance your value and support your community.

Why promote?

  • Earn revenue to support your channel so you can continue making content that your audience wants.

  • Help premium brands reach new customers that will benefit from the products and services they provide.

  • Create relationships with partners that want to see you succeed on and off YouTube.

  • Gain exposure to new audience members and introduce them to your community.

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What is required?

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  • 60+ second live promotion of selected brand within the first 3 minutes of your sponsored video. (list of talking points provided)

  • Link with promo code (if required) in first line of video description.

  • 1 social media post on each platform you have a presence. (on IG both feed + stories)

  • Guest appearance on one of our Frazier Industries Studios shows.

  • Copies of live promotion segments and social media posts to be used at our clients discretion for further promotion of their brand and yours.



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STEP #1:

     We find brands that would like to connect with you and your audience that reflect your core values to ensure successful partnerships.

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STEP #2:

     You name your price based on the provided criteria in the sponsorship agreement.




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STEP #3:

     We confirm brand sponsorship, manage relationship, and expand marketing efforts to increase success rate for current and future sponsorship relationships.

How it works



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